Kelso's Choices

  • Kelso’s Choice Kelso’s Choice is a conflict resolution curriculum that has been taught in every class at Dove Mountain. Students learn about the wheel of 9 choices to help solve small problems they may have with other students. When a student has a small problem where they may feel a little sad or mad, a student tries 2 Kelso’s Choices to solve their small problem.  If the problem is not resolved after two attempts, then it becomes a BIG problem.  A BIG problem is one that students should ask an adult for help to solve.  

    If a student can answer "Yes" to the following questions, then it is a BIG problem.

    1. Is someone in danger?
    2. Is someone scared or afraid of something or someone?

    For BIG problems, a student needs to tell a trusted adult right away. However, if the answer is “No”, they can try 2 of Kelso's choices to solve the problem themselves.

    Next time when a Dove Mountain student has a small problem, adults can help empower students by asking a student, “Have you tried 2 of Kelso’s Choices?”  This will help students to become independent to solve their own small problems.  Students also learn when it’s appropriate to ask an adult for help.  We find that by teaching students the skills needed to resolve their own problems, they are empowered for LIFE with valuable tools they’ll need in middle school, on a job, or in a family.

    Parents, please remember to ask, “Have you tried 2 of Kelso’s Choices?” before you become involved in small problems.