Wayne Jones Field: MVHS Football field named after legendary coach

  • IMAGE: New sign over Wayne Jones Field.

    As part of their thirtieth anniversary celebration, Mountain View High School honored the first man to guide their football team. During the Sept. 23 homecoming celebration, the school named the field after legendary coach Wayne Jones. Under Coach Jones’s leadership the team won over 100 games. He is also the only coach to bring an Arizona Football State Championship to Mountain View High School. Under his guidance, the football program welcomed in over 100 student-athletes each year. 

    “The field will be known as the Wayne Jones Field, giving reverence to a great man, a leader, a mentor, and a role model for hundreds of families in Tucson,” states Todd Garelick, principal MVHS. “Coach Jones led these men on and off the field, teaching them character qualities that have served them in school, in adulthood, and in becoming strong community members. His value to the community is unmatched and his stewardship is felt across Tucson.”