2019-2020 Concert Season

  • *** Concerts have been cancelled for the remainder of the school year. ***


Marana West Choir Night

  • Image: Choir Director and Performers during 2018 performance.

    MHS Football National Anthem

    Friday, September 13 2019

    All members of the Marana Community – parents, staff, families, friends, and neighbors – are invited to join us in singing the National Anthem at a Marana High School football game.

OneVoice: Circles

  • IMAGE: Circles, Virtue & Vice in Carmina & Commedia  Performance Poster
    Virtue & Vice in Carmina & Commedia

    Wednesday, September 25 2019


    Join Dante and his guides Virgil and Beatrice as they journey through Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradise, observing the rewards of virtue and consequences of vice. Narrated by Marana Theatre students, this concert introduces the audience to Dante’s Divine Comedy, draws connections to stories from Greek myths to modern-day tales, and examines the role of love in living well with our neighbor. The concert also features several movements from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, which Marana Choir will perform with the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra (SASO) and the Helios Ensemble at MHS on November 8, 2019.

    7pm Marana High School Auditorium
    Free Admission

Faure Requiem

  • IMAGE: Faure Requiem Performance Poster
    Marana Masterwork Series

    Thursday & Friday, December 12 & 13 2019

    The Marana Choir and Orchestra continues the tradition of presenting great works by great composers during the December season. Come early for holiday carols.

    7pm Marana High School Auditorium
    Free Admission

When You Believe

  • IMAGE: When You Believe Performance Poster
    Marana Does Broadway

    Tuesday, February 4 2020

    This event features Marana Middle and High School choirs with about 700 students and audience members involved and a full band. The Broadway and Pop selections will focus on themes of overcoming obstacles, taking risks, and transforming through journeys.

    7pm Marana High School Auditorium
    Free Admission

In The Mood

  • IMAGE: Marana Jazz  Night Performance Poster
    Marana Jazz Night

    Tuesday, March 31 2020

    A Marana tradition, this concert features the Marana Jazz Band and Symphonic Choir performing the standards made famous by the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

    7pm Marana High School Auditorium
    Free Admission

And the War Came...

  • IMAGE: And the War Came Performance Poster
    The Fiery Trial of the American Civil War

    Friday, April 3 2020

    This concert is entirely designed and curated by the Vivo Advanced Women’s Choir. The event will explore what Lincoln called “The Fiery Trial” of the American Civil War through song, visual art, spoken word, and dance. Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address will be used as the anchoring structure for the performance and will be recited throughout the event.

    7pm Marana High School Auditorium
    Free Admission

OneWorld: Saga

  • IMAGE: One World Saga Performance Poster.
    Norse Myths in Story and Song

    Tuesday, May 12 2020

    This year Marana Choir’s annual multicultural concert takes us to the northern edge of Europe. Using a combination of storytelling, staging, visuals, and music, “Saga” will explore the myths and legends of the Norse cultures. Music from Scandinavia will tell the stories of:

    - Völuspá (The Beginning of the World)

    - Yggdrasi (The Sons of Odin)

    - Sigrdrífumál (The Valkyries)

    - Jötunheimr (The Land of Giants)

    - Ragnarok (The Final Battle)

    7pm Marana High School Auditorium
    Free Admission