Dino Natta - Historic Newspaper Archives

  • IMAGE: Header and headlines of the Tucson Citizen from May 19, 1914.

    IMAGE: Rows of books containing the newspaper archives. Bernardino “Dino” Natta (Born 1938 - Died 2019) began teaching at Marana High School in August 1979. During his 22 years as an educator, he taught math and AP US history, as well as having served as the head of the Math Department. His retirement in May 2001 concluded an illustrious teaching career.


    IMAGE: Dino Natta As a history teacher, Dino was passionate about instilling a love of learning in all students and to ensuring the past was not forgotten. In the late 1980’s, Dino championed the cause to acquire the Arizona Historical Society 1880-1930 issues of the Tucson Citizen and the Arizona Daily Star newspapers and bring them to the Marana High School library. It is believed that these are the only known hard copies in such large quantity available for public use. The preservation and archiving of this historical newspaper collection at Marana High School continues to benefit students, educators, and community members.   


    IMAGE: Rows of books containing the newspaper archives. Bruce Dinges, the former editor of the Journal of Arizona History, states, “Dino Natta lived what he taught, showing by example how preserving our past enriches lives and opens doors to the future. Everyone whose life he touched owes Dino a profound debt of gratitude.”


    “We are grateful to Dino Natta for securing these valuable archival newspapers for students from 1913 to 1947 to use in collaboration within online materials,” says Carrie Dawson, Marana High School librarian. “The newspapers are utilized throughout the school year with both Social Studies and English classes as a reference to our culture from that time period. Students are often shocked by the types of advertisements or costs of similar products we rely on today and to discover what our community was focused on nearly 100 years ago.”


    Through the supportive and loving efforts of friends, family, and former colleagues, a Bernardino “Dino” Natta Memorial Fund provided over $1,000 to the Marana High School library to purchase student technology as well as a plaque to hang in the library in tribute to Dino.


    Dino was recognized during a library ceremony on September 17, 2019 by current and former Marana High School Administration, MUSD Superintendents, District Senior Leadership, and MUSD Governing Board members. Dino Natta was admired and respected by his students and is fondly remembered for his love of teaching, his excellence in the classroom, and his passion to help students learn and excel.