School Profile

  • IMAGE: Marana High School Tiger Mascot.

    Marana High School is located within the Marana Unified School District and offers the highest quality, inspiring and enriching education in a safe, nurturing, and award-winning learning environment. We take great pride in the strong sense of community that exists at our school between our parents, students, Town of Marana and visitors. 


    We are the home of the Tigers and offer a diverse array of college-level advanced placement classes/dual enrollment courses, career and technical/JTED courses to earn industry-recognized certifications. Additionally, MHS provides internships and work-study programs ensuring that when students graduate they are equipped with the necessary skills to enter college with credits already earned or to enter the workforce having had exposure to real-life work experiences. 


    Our vision of learning, also called our Shared Responsibilities, centers on three themes that run throughout our school. The first, Tiger Pride, develops a commitment to our community, traditions, and each other, and a spirit of excellence. Plan for What’s Next is an ethic that we foster to help students plan for their futures, recognizing that every one of our students has a unique set of goals and aspirations. Learn for Transfer guides our teachers in planning and implementing curriculum that prepares students to transfer what is learned in the classroom to their present and future lives, recognizing that any future academic pursuit or career setting requires an ability to learn new ideas and skills for application to that particular context.  The achievements of our students over the history of Marana High School demonstrate that our students receive a highly competitive education that prepares them for life after high school, and we continue to adapt to the every-changing needs of students and families. 


    Our administration and outstanding counselors welcome students to Marana High School!


    Graduation Requirements

    • English: 4 Credits
    • Math: 4 Credits
    • Science: 3 Credits
    • Social Studies: 3 Credits
    • Electives*: 8 Credits

    *One must be a Fine Arts or CTE (Career Technical Education) credit.


    Student Demographics

    • Student Population: 2068
    • Male: 53%
    • Female: 47%
    • Caucasian: 55%
    • Hispanic: 35%
    • Other: 10% 


    Class of 2019

    • 4 Year Institution: 42%
    • 2 Year Institution: 37%
    • Military Enlistment: 17%
    • Other: 4%


    College Attendance & Scholarship Awards

    Recent colleges and universities MHS graduates have attended; Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, USC, Colorado State University, Brigham Young University, San Diego State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, The University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, University of Hawaii, Embry-Riddle, and The Air Force Academy.

    The class of 2020 has raised about $11.5 million in academic and merit-based scholarships. 


    MHS Headlines


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