Our Playground

  • Inclusive Playground Equipment

    Inclusive Playground Equipment- Summer 2020 

    While academic excellence is the focus of every school, many students will still tell you their favorite subject is recess! In our effort to makes sure that every student has the chance to enjoy our playground, we have added the inclusive cruiser and ramp to allow for wheelchair access. As the cruiser sways back and forth, smiles can be seen and laughter can be heard all recess long. 

    We are so thankful for the efforts of our Ironwood PTO, engineering by Tom Bowman, and the community’s financial support that made this possible. This is yet one more example of how the Coyote family is invested in ensuring each student feels loved and engaged on our campus. 

    Playground Improvements - Spring Break 2019 

    Playground Improvements Thanks to the generosity of the Ironwood Elementary PTO and community and family contributions during the fall IE fundraiser, new playground equipment was installed over spring break on the Ironwood Elementary playground!  

    While we are excited for all of the current and future Ironwood Elementary students who will get to enjoy these new features, we are especially excited for our students with special needs, as they now will have access to the swings and merry-go-round. 

    These additions to our playground area are an incredible example of the partnership and support that exists within the Ironwood community! Thank you!!!