Fruit Tree Orchard

  • It was truly a collaborative effort to plan, plot, dig, plant and water in the courtyard for our ten fruit trees. 


    More than 500 students and adults had a literal hand in this project as we planted the first of our fruit-bearing trees in the new orchard. 


    The community orchard will someday bear fruit that everyone will be able to enjoy as they "harvest" the "fruits of their labor" for years to come. 


    Eventually, we'll serve food from the orchard and gardens in our school lunch program. We will also be a blessing to the greater community as we use the gifts of our land to feed others less fortunate than ourselves.


    A big thank you to the owners of Building Excellence Contractors, AAA Landscaping, Tanks Green Stuff and Mission Gardens. These organizations donated their time, talent and tools to help this project become a reality. 


    Together we planted two orange trees, four fig trees, a black mulberry tree, a kumquat and two quince trees. 


    A big THANK YOU to all who made this project a reality:

    • Jose Gastelum of Mission Gardens
    • Norm Farmer of AAA Landscaping
    • Tanks Green Stuff
    • Jamie & Tara Olding of Building Excellence LLC General Contractors
    • Visiting Parents, Grandparents & Volunteers
    • District Administration & Governing Board
    • The Coyote Trail Staff and of course ....
    • The Coyote Trail students