Online Learning Resources

  • IMAGE: Hands at Computer. MUSD released the information below on March 23, 2020 to assist families with engaging students in a variety of additional supplementary educational online resources/activities. These resources do not replace the general educational opportunities provided through MUSD's Learning at Home in spring 2020. 


    This is not a comprehensive list, but rather a starting place for students to engage in some educational experiences. Some of these sites will be familiar to students as they are currently using them in their classrooms.


    Additional links are included that will take students on a virtual tour of museums, National Parks, and other fun educational interactive sites.


    It is not necessary to have students complete everything on this list, but rather a way to experience some learning and exploration online throughout their day.


    Remember that there should be a healthy balance between online and offline learning, reading books, physical activities, creative time, downtime, etc. What is most important during this time is for our students to feel comforted and loved.


    Here is a link to each grade level with learning resources: 


    Elementary Schools (PreK-6th grade)  


    PreK-8 Schools (Twin Peaks and Dove Mountain)  


    Middle Schools (7th-8th grade) 


    High Schools (9th-12th grade) 


    Problems with your child’s Google account (forgotten passwords, etc.), or technical issues with the Chromebook? Email MUSD Technical Support Team


    All other questions: Email the MUSD Parent Support Team


    Wi-Fi Resources


    Given the rapidly changing situation regarding COVID-19, school districts are experiencing extreme difficulty locating and purchasing Wi-Fi hotspots.


    Below you will find a variety of low-cost resources for internet access: