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Learning at Home

  • During the week of March 23, 2020 Marana Unified School District (MUSD) leaders, educators, and staff met regularly as they collaborated, prepared, and planned for the implementation of “learning at home”, as required in HB 2910. Teachers, specialists, staff, social workers/counselors, and school and District leaders connected with students and families, distributed Chromebooks, implemented a Free Grab & Go meal program, organized child care for first responders/essential healthcare workers, and provided online learning resources/activities for students and families to engage in.


    On Monday, March 30, 2020, the District's "Learning at Home" program began. For the first two weeks, through April 10, 2020, teachers, specialists, counselors, social workers and staff connected with students and families. Teachers embraced a new way of teaching, families identified new routines, and students engaged in educational opportunities.


    With the Governor’s announcement to keep schools closed beyond April 10, 2020, MUSD and school leadership, the Learners, Leaders, & Innovators team, and teachers worked collaboratively to further identify what Learning at Home would consist of for the remainder of the school year. MUSD's focus remains on the wellbeing of students and families and on staying connected. Educators, staff, and leaders are committed to providing meaningful and relevant educational opportunities to engage students and to teaching the concepts and skills students need to be successful.


    As learning transitions from the school classroom to the home, MUSD teachers, staff, and leadership’s focus remains aligned with the District’s Five Commitments:


    Strong Relationships 

    • It is important during school closure that MUSD continues to build relationships and have individual personal connections between stakeholders at all levels (minimally once a week) using virtual and telephonic tools.   



    • It is important that MUSD work together to do their best for students, their families, our staff, and the community.


    Equity, Innovation, and Deeper Learning

    • MUSD’s collective work will look different and perfectly imperfect moving forward. The District recognizes that their community is in crisis and students need their basic needs met first. 


    Learning at Home & Staying Connected

    MUSD is committed to providing not only learning at home during school closure, but also ensuring that educators, staff, and leaders stay connected with students and families. MUSD misses their students and families. Working together, we will stay connected! #MUSDstaysConnected 


    How will my student learn at home?

    MUSD’s intent is not to recreate the entire schooling experience; rather provide daily general educational opportunities (and feedback) for students learning at home utilizing technological resources 


    to provide alternatives if students cannot access technology and/or have alternative learning needs. Families, teachers, and schools will work together to address individual needs and make applicable alternative arrangements as necessary.


    During school closure, teachers will provide: 

    • opportunities for students to explore content, 
    • expose students to remaining priority standards,
    • help students fill gaps and move forward. 


    General educational learning opportunities will: 

    • be age-appropriate and connected to grade-level content,  
    • be meaningful/engaging,  
    • provide opportunities for teachers to give students feedback. 


    For consistency, teachers will use Google Classroom for Learning at Home opportunities with their students. In addition, teachers will connect with their students and parents/guardians utilizing a variety of methods:


    • Phone calls and emails.
    • Virtual or telephonic office hours to support individual or small groups of students. This can be done in a Zoom personal room or having parents email during designated time windows and teachers returning the call.
    • Additional applications teachers and staff currently use to connect with families: Class Dojo, ParentVue (MUSD Connection), Remind, Bloomz, etc.
    • Alternative learning opportunities and materials will be made available for those students who need alternatives and supplemental materials based on their learning needs.  


    MUSD recognizes it takes time for students to adjust to learning at home; therefore, teachers will differentiate learning opportunities to meet the needs of their students.


    During this challenging and difficult time for families, the District encourages a healthy balance between online and offline learning, reading books, physical activities, creative time, downtime, etc. What is most important for MUSD is to support families and for students to feel safe and nurtured.



    Grade Specific Learning at Home Details - select from links below.











    Chromebook Support

    To familiarize yourself with your student’s Chromebook, please email the MUSD Technical Support Team to receive a link to a Chromebook video.


    Problems with your child’s Google account (forgotten passwords, etc.), or technical issues with the Chromebook? Email MUSD Technical Support Team.  


    Parent/Guardian Support

    Email the MUSD Parent Support Team


    Wi-Fi Resources

    Given the rapidly changing situation regarding COVID-19, school districts are experiencing extreme difficulty locating and purchasing Wi-Fi hotspots.


    Below you will find a variety of low-cost resources for internet access:


     Parent Online Learning Resources to Access Supplemental Learning at Home: