Instructions: New Parent/Student Online Registration

  • Welcome to the Marana Unified School District New Parent/Student Online Registration.


    This page will explain how to create a new ParentVUE account and is only for parents that have never had students enrolled at MUSD.  Parents with students previously enrolled or currently enrolled at MUSD should use their existing ParentVUE account.


    1. Visit the Marana Unified School District website at
    2. Click on Enrollment, located in the main menu
    3. Select the Registration Information webpage
      1. This webpage will outline the information and documents that are required to complete the registration process. During the Online Registration process you will have an opportunity to upload documents or indicate that you will deliver hard copies to the school.
    4. Click on the link to Complete NEW student registration ONLINE now.
    5. The Marana Unified School District Online Registration Account Access page will open.
      1. If you are a parent with former or current students at MUSD you can access your ParentVUE account from this page by inputting your User Name and Password. 
      2. If you have forgotten your login information, click on the Forgot Password.
    6. If you have never had children enrolled at MUSD, click on the Create New Account/Forgot Password button.
    7. Select Create a New Account.
    8. Answer the questions.
      1. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, please Return to Login and access ParentVUE using your existing login credentials.  If you have had a ParentVUE account, but can’t remember your login information, please use the Forgot Password option.
    9. Click Continue
    10. Read and Accept the Privacy Statement
    11. Complete all fields on the Create Your Account page. 
      1. It is important that you populate the Email Address with a valid email. 
      2. You will receive an email with the information to complete the setup of your ParentVUE account.
    12. Close the Complete Account Creation window
    13. Check your email for information to complete the setup of your ParentVUE account.
    14. Click the link contained in the email to complete the setup for your ParentVUE account.
    15. You can now create your password and sign in to your ParentVUE account. 
      1. Your User ID will be the email address you specified on the Create Your Account page.
    16. Verify and/or select the school year for which you want to register your student.
    17. Click on Begin New Registration
    18. Once you have completed the registration for your student, you will be given an opportunity to upload necessary documents or indicate that you will deliver a hard copy to the school.  These documents are required to complete the registration process.
    19. The Review/Submit page will give you an opportunity to review the information you have entered.  Click Review
    20. Click the Review button next to an item to make any necessary changes. 
      1. Click Save and Return once you have completed your changes. 
      2. You will be returned to the Review/Submit page.
    21. Once you have reviewed the registration, check the box to verify you have reviewed all registration information.
    22. Your registration is not complete until you Submit.  Click Submit.
    23. You will receive confirmation that your registration has been submitted.  You will also receive an email confirmation.