About Governing Board Meetings

  • Meeting Locations
    Both Regular and Special meetings of the Governing Board are open to the public.  Regular meetings are generally held the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm at:

    Marana Municipal Complex
    Council Chambers
    11555 W. Civic Center Drive
    Marana, Arizona

    For specific dates, locations or other information, consult the Governing Board Calendar or email the Superintendent's Office or call (520) 682-4774.

    Regular Meeting
    A meeting held in public that follows the normal schedule.

    Special Meeting
    A meeting held in public that is added to the regular schedule for a specific purpose.

    Study Session
    A meeting held in public for the purpose of studying one or more specified issues in depth.  A highly structured exchange of ideas, suggestions, and concerns.  No action is taken.

    Executive Session
    A meeting held for discussion of confidential matters which may include personnel, legal items, student appeals, disciplinary matters, and others as outlined in Arizona Revised Statutes 38-431.03.  Executive Sessions are closed to the public.  All action on items discussed in executive sessions, with the exception of student appeals and student disciplinary action, are taken during the Regular or Special meetings which are open to the public.

    Agendas, Minutes, Agenda Packets
    Board agendas are available from the Superintendent's Office at least twenty-four hours in advance of the meeting. 

    Governing Board Notices, Agendas, and Agenda Packets are available at Marana USD Public BoardBook. For information related to the Governing Board Agendas and Minutes or for Agendas preceding January 2019, please email the Superintendent's Office or call (520) 682-4774.

    Meeting Protocol

    To Speak To Agenda Items

    • Complete the "Request to Address the Governing Board" form
    • The presiding officer announces the item
    • The presiding officer will recognize your request to speak to an item
    • State your name, address and the organization you represent, if any

    To Speak To Items Not On The Agenda

    • This may occur only during "Remarks from the Public"
    • Complete the "Request to Address Board" form
    • The presiding officer will recognize your request to speak to an item
    • State your name, address and the organization you represent, if any
    • Individuals are encouraged to be brief, with a maximum time limit of three (3) minutes
    • Arizona Law prevents Board Members from discussing or acting on items not on the agenda. If action is desired, the subject should be placed on the agenda in the manner described in the next section

    How To Get Items On The Agenda

    • Submit your request in writing to the Superintendent or Board President ten (10) days prior to the Regular Board Meeting
    • State the topic and provide a brief rationale in the written request
    • You will be notified whether your request will or will not be placed on a future agenda

    Send written requests to:

    Superintendent's Office - Email
    11279 W. Grier Rd., Suite 106
    Marana, AZ  85653