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Start of School Year

  • Chromebook The school year begins Wed. August 5 in a remote learning/distance learning environment through Monday, August 17, or until safely able to return to in-person instruction. MUSD recognizes that the Governor may extend school closure beyond that date.

    There is no sign-up required to start the school year through Remote Learning. Families interested in Distance Learning are encouraged to carefully review the Distance Learning webpage.

Grab & Go Meals

  • Food Bus and Heart made of Fruits and Vegetables Knowing many families rely on school meals for their student, MUSD is providing FREE Grab & Go Meals through 2020 Summer Feeding Program. Children may stop by a school, along a bus route, or Marana Cares Mobile to grab a FREE lunch and receive a breakfast meal for the following morning.

    • Free to all children 18 & under.
    • Offered Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.
    • Visit Grab & Go website for more information.

Next Steps: Coming Soon

    • Parent & Employee Handbook for Remote Learning
    • Parent and Student Digital Citizenship Training
    • Chromebook Distribution week of July 27
    • Professional Learning Plan for Educators
    • Parent, Teacher, and Student Focus Groups to continue to shape expectations and supports for Remote Learning


    Issue 1: July 15, 2020

  • #MUSDChoice #MUSDSafeReturn #MUSDStaysConnected

Guiding Principles

  • As we prepare and plan a comprehensive engaging Remote Learning and Distance Learning program, MUSD work is guided by the following Five Principles:


    Community Building and Connectedness

    • Opportunities for students to stay connected to their school community, peers, and teachers built into weekly schedule

    Creativity and Critical Thinking

    • Balanced opportunities for virtual direct instruction and independent learning activities
    • Instruction aligned with comprehensive MUSD Curriculum
    • Consistent platforms for instructional delivery across schools
    • PE, Music, secondary electives
    • Virtual resources


    • MUSD Instructional Model
    • Virtual tools will be applied that support student collaboration
    • Teacher collaboration across grade levels and content areas


    • Regular updates to District website
    • Weekly communication with parents regarding schedule and required work products
    • Regular and timely feedback for online learners
    • Work products will be assessed and grades will be accessible in MUSD Connection


    • Students will follow a regular schedule during regular school hours
    • Teachers will use the same online platform to provide resources to students
    • Continued access to services that support all learners (SPED, Speech/Language, English Language Learning , Counseling, Health Office supports, Meals)


    Connectedness, Community Building, Creativity & Critical THinking, Communication, Collaboration, Consistency