Guiding Principles

  • Connectedness, Community Building, Creativity & Critical THinking, Communication, Collaboration, Consistency

    MUSD has a tradition and reputation for its strong family-oriented culture and parent/community to school partnerships. In keeping with this, the following principles are guiding the District’s work in preparing and planning a comprehensive engaging Remote Learning program.  


    Community Building and Connectedness

    • Opportunities for students to stay connected to their school community, peers, and teachers built into weekly schedule

    Creativity and Critical Thinking

    • Balanced opportunities for virtual direct instruction and independent learning activities
    • Instruction aligned with comprehensive MUSD Curriculum
    • Consistent platforms for instructional delivery across schools
    • PE, Music, secondary electives
    • Virtual resources


    • MUSD Instructional Model
    • Virtual tools will be applied that support student collaboration
    • Teacher collaboration across grade levels and content areas


    • Regular updates to District website
    • Weekly communication with parents regarding schedule and required work products
    • Regular and timely feedback for online learners
    • Work products will be assessed and grades will be accessible in MUSD Connection


    • Students will follow a regular schedule during regular school hours
    • Teachers will use the same online platform to provide resources to students
    • Continued access to services that support all learners (SPED, Speech/Language, English Language Learning, Counseling, Health Office supports, Meals)