MUSD Social Media Commenting & Sharing Process

  • MUSD Logo Followers of MUSD’s social media pages are encouraged to post comments that are applicable to the post. MUSD asks that those making comments show respect for others by ensuring the discussion remains civil and suitable for individuals of all ages. Cyberbullying is not tolerated on social media sites, i.e. repeatedly harassing an individual, group or site. MUSD reserves the right to block any individual who cyberbullies or doesn’t follow these guidelines. Due to technical issues as of April 2020, some visitor posts may not appear on district and school Facebook pages.

    MUSD reserves the right to delete any comment, including, but not limited to, those that contain profanity, personal insults, mentions of alcohol, drugs or weapons, links to external websites, business solicitations, political advertisements, or comments not pertaining to the topic of the post. 

    Non-MUSD related flyers, advertising, events, or activities shared or posted by the District on social media must be approved by the Office of the Assistant Superintendents, and be deemed by the District as a community or family-oriented activity that promotes health and wellness, positive choices and/or supports a community partner.

    For concerns related to student activity and education, we encourage you to contact the school office directly. In the event of an emergency, please contact 9-1-1. 

    Comments posted on the MUSD Facebook page(s) do not necessarily represent the opinions or positions of the school district.