2021-22 School Year: MUSD COVID-19 Dashboard

  • The COVID dashboard is a real-time tracking system that is updated with known cases of COVID-19 District-wide and at each school. The dashboard reflects case information for the 2021-2022 school year beginning in July 2021. The dashboard is updated M-F on regular school days between 8-5:00 p.m.  

    • Active cases: A student or staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19 infection. Individuals who test positive are required to isolate for at least ten days. During this time, these cases are reflected as “active” on the dashboard.
    • Resolved cases: Once the individual is cleared to return, they are no longer considered an active case. This information is reflected on the dashboard, removing them from the active count and adding to resolved cases.

2021-22 School Year: Positive COVID-19 Cases

  • 2020-21 COVID-19 Data
    Beginning with the first case we tracked on May 1, 2020, we had 552 COVID-19 cases reported and eventually resolved in the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Dashboard Notes 

    • If a site is not listed in the charts below, it is because there are no cases at that site.
    • This page is best viewed on a desktop or tablet. The chart is not responsive. 
    • To ensure the most accurate results, please clear your cache if you have previously visited this page. The dashboard is refreshed every five minutes with new data when it is entered. 

    Dashboard Totals and Communication
    MUSD is actively entering all reported COVID-19 cases into our Dashboard. We are at least one day behind in reporting active cases as case investigation takes time and we only communicate cases once the investigation is completed. This results in instances when our daily notification (school/District email) totals will not match the Dashboard entry totals, as data continues to be entered and has not yet been reported out on. You should always check the Dashboard for the most accurate case count. 

    COVID-19 notifications have been distributed to parents and staff since students returned to hybrid instruction on 10/19/20. Notifications are sent M-F (excluding holidays and recognized breaks) when there are cases to report. 

    Please refer to our Notice of Accessibility for assistance in accessing data on this page that may not be accessible with a screen reader.

Abbreviation/Total Site Population*:

    • ALT [Alternative Programs**]: 30
    • BE [Butterfield Elem]: 544
    • CTE [Coyote Trail Elem]: 527
    • DE [DeGrazia Elem]: 430
    • DIST [District Departments]: 676  
    • DMK8 [Dove Mountain]: 964
    • EE [Estes Elem]: 582
    • GFE [Gladden Farms Elem]: 714
    • IE [Ironwood Elem]: 420
    • MHS [Marana High]: 2360
    • MMS [Marana Middle]: 1105
    • MCAT High: 172
    • MVHS [Mtn View High]: 1998
    • PAL [Preschool]:169
    • PRE [Picture Rocks Elem]: 564
    • QRE [Quail Run Elem]: 606
    • RRE [Rattlesnake Ridge Elem]: 451
    • RE [Roadrunner Elem]: 371
    • TMS [Tortolita Middle]: 644
    • TPK8 [Twin Peaks]: 1005

    Total District Staff & Students = 14,332

    * Population is defined as student and staff total at each site.
    **Alternative programs include Program ABLE, Another Chance at Education, and Program Inspire.