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  • Time of Service

    • Contract is generally for 4 or 6 years depending on the job. (active duty)
    •  2-4 years if inactive duty
    • After contract is complete, military personnel may be on inactive duty status for 2-4 years depending on initial contract. This is to keep enough military personnel on hand if US should go to war or there is a national crisis. Individuals are considered civilians and do not report.


    Minimum Education Requirements

    • Minimum of a high school diploma. There are limited vacancies for persons who hold a GED but it depends on the branch. Students must get a 50 on the ASVAB if they have a GED.The military really stresses graduating with a high school diploma.
    • ASVAB score of 34+
    • Pass bootcamp/military schools



    • Pass background/criminal check. Will make some allowances for felonies but it depends on the branch.



    • (Single) Live on post/base in dorms. FREE Rent & Utilities
    • Single rooms and may share a bathroom
    • Married/Dependents will receive a housing allowing $1300-2400
    • $4500 of educational tuition assistance while in the service
    • GI Bill after serving-FREE college or reduced tuition
    • GI Loan-0% interest on purchase of a home
    • Grants/low interest loans to start a business.
    • Medical/Life Insurance/Dental/Eye for self and dependents.



    • Move every 3 years
    • Can be deployed for multiple tours
    • Cannot pursue college or certification trainings for the first year of enlistment.
    • May take a long time to earn degree. Part-time student
    • May use GI Bill for dependents