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Officer Training

  • Time of Service

    • Conducted after one earns a college degree or if an enlisted service man/woman wants to enroll in the OCS.
    • Contract is 4 years of active duty with up to 4 additional years of inactive status.


    Minimum Education Requirements

    • Must have a college degree.
    • Attend Officer Training School.
    • Pass physical fitness and medical tests
    • Pass Officer bootcamp



    • Pass background/criminal check.



    • Starting salary of $3188
    • Housing allowance $1300-2400
    • Married/Dependents receive $200 more in housing allowance
    • Tuition assistance up to $4500 a year while in the service.
    • GI Bill
    • GI Loan
    • Grants/low interest loans to start business
    • Medical/Life Insurance/Dental/Eye for self/dependents



    • Active Duty-move every 3 years
    • Can be deployed for multiple tours
    • May use GI Bill for dependents


    ** Service Academy Programs have separate requirements but the benefits are similar to the officer categories.

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