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Reserve/National Guard

  • Time of Service

    • 3-6 years with up to an additional 2 years of inactive duty status in case of a state/national emergency.
    • Reserves are operated by the federal govt.
    • National Guard is operated by the states.
    • Work 1 weekend a month plus 14 days during the calendar year.
    • Guaranteed to keep job if deployed.


    Minimum Education Requirements

    • Minimum of a high school diploma.
    • If not in college or have a degree, pass ASVAB score of 34+
    • Pass bootcamp/military schools



    • Pass background/criminal check.



    • $218 a month for 1 weekend of drills.
    • $760 for 2 week training
    • If active duty, $1600 a month.
    • Tuition assistance up to $4500 a year while in the service.
    • GI BIll
    • GI Loan
    • Grants/low interest loans to start business
    • Medical/LIfe Insurance/Dental/Eye for self/dependents



    • Guard doesn’t move but can be deployed to other states/overseas.
    • May use GI Bill for dependents