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  • ACT vs. SAT

    If you’re preparing for college admissions, you might be curious about the difference between the ACT and the SAT. While both are standardized tests that colleges and universities use as a benchmark when making admissions decisions, there are some differences. Read on for a guide that will help you determine whether you should take the SAT or ACT as you get ready to apply to college.

  • ACT

    Achievement Test: How hard did you work in school?

    • What you are tested on
      • English
      • Reading
      • Writing (optional)
      • Math
      • Science
    • Guessing Penalty
      • NONE! Better to guess than leave one blank!
    • Time limit
      • 45 minutes: English 75 questions
      • 60 minutes: Math 60 questions
      • 35 minutes: Reading 40 questions
      • 35 minutes: Science 40 questions
      • 30 minutes: Writing - optional
  • SAT

    Aptitude Test: How smart are you?

    • What you are tested on
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Math
    • Guessing Penalty
      • DON'T guess! Better to leave it blank than guess!
    • Time limit
      • 70 minutes: Reading 67 questions
      • 70 minutes: Math 54 questions
      • 60 minutes: Writing 50 questions

2021 ACT Testing Dates at Marana High School

2021 SAT Testing Dates at Marana High School

  • * All dates are subject to cancellation. Please regularly check your email, websites or with Mr. Pistesky for more information.