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  • If you’re preparing for college admissions, you might be curious about the difference between the ACT and the SAT. While both are standardized tests that colleges and universities use as a benchmark when making admissions decisions, there are some differences. Read on for a guide that will help you determine whether you should take the SAT or ACT as you get ready to apply to college.


  • Achievement Test: How hard did you work in school?

    • What you are tested on
      • English
      • Reading
      • Writing (optional)
      • Math
      • Science
    • Guessing Penalty
      • NONE! Better to guess than leave one blank!
    • Time limit
      • 45 minutes: English 75 questions
      • 60 minutes: Math 60 questions
      • 35 minutes: Reading 40 questions
      • 35 minutes: Science 40 questions
      • 30 minutes: Writing - optional


  • Aptitude Test: How smart are you?

    • What you are tested on
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Math
    • Guessing Penalty
      • DON'T guess! Better to leave it blank than guess!
    • Time limit
      • 70 minutes: Reading 67 questions
      • 70 minutes: Math 54 questions
      • 60 minutes: Writing 50 questions

2021-2022 ACT Testing Dates at Marana High School

2021-2022 SAT Testing Dates

  • SAT's are being held at Mountain View High School. To register for SATs, please visit for nearest locations and availability.

  • * All dates are subject to cancellation. Please regularly check your email, websites or with Mr. Pistesky for more information.