Edulog: Bus Transportation Parent Portal App

  • Edulog Parent Portal Icon Edulog is an app that provides real-time information about your student’s school bus transportation including bus stop time and location. This app can be used for normal before and after school bus pickup information – not activity bus routes. The app allows you to:

    • access designated bus stop times and locations
    • see real time information about the location of your student’s school bus
    • receive notifications when the bus is getting close, including pick up and drop off times and locations for your student’s stop 

    The Edulog app doesn’t track students on the bus, so it can’t tell you if your child is on the bus or identify the stop where your student exited the bus. 

    Getting Started with the Edulog Parent Portal App 
    QR Code

    1. Watch this video
    2. Download the Edulog Parent Portal app or scan the bar code*
    3. Be sure to have your student’s name, school and student ID number. If you are unsure of your student’s ID, log into ParentVue, select your student, and then open their ID Card (top right) – or contact the school.  

    MUSD is dedicated to ensuring that all visitors and devices can access our content, aligned with accessibility requirements.  A PDF of the Edulog Parent Portal App Instructions is available below. For individuals who may experience difficulties in accessing this document, an HTML version is provided below the PDF.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Parent Portal App Instructions - HTML

    • Registration
      • Enter your Email
      • Enter Password
      • Confirm Password
      • Add your First & Last Name
      • Click on Sign Up
    • Confirm E-mail
      • Check your email
      • Click on the link to activate account
      • Account verification will appear
    • Log In
      • Enter Email
      • Password
      • Click Log In
      • Once logged in, go to Student List
    • Add Student
      • Enter First & Last Name
      • School by search or map icon
      • Enter District ID
      • Select Date of Birth (DOB)
      • Add School
        • Search for school by name or find school on map using the map icon.
      • Add District ID
        • District ID is a unique ID assigned to the child in the district.  The ID can be found on ParentVUE Home screen listed by the student photo.
      • Add Date of Birth (DOB)
        • Selecting Dates on IOS (Apple) Devices
          • Scroll to select month, day, and year
          • Then hit DONE
        • Selecting Dates on Android Devices
          • Press Select Date under DOB
          • Press the year in the upper left corner
          • Scroll to the desired year and click OK
          • Use the arrow buttons to navigate to the correct month, then select day, and OK.


    Your request is then submitted, and approval is immediate. When you select your student you can see their transportation schedule and monitor the bus location as it is on its way to your bus stop.  You can also add a photo of the student.

    • Add Photo
      • Tap the student icon and upload a photo or take a photo from your device.

    *Text and data rates may apply.

    If you have questions or issues, please contact MUSD Transportation at 520-682-4768.