2021-2022 GEM Supplies

    • On the first GEM day please send in a COMPOSITION BOOK. (Not a spiral notebook.) This notebook will stay in the GEM room.  They usually are an item in the Back-to-School Sales.
    • Each student is responsible for their own GEM Pencil Box- a box or bag of school supplies to include pencils, erasers and a small, handheld pencil sharpener (best invention ever!) The same box can be used in their classroom if they remember to bring it back and forth.
    • If your child is a “leftie” a pair of “leftie” scissors would be great! 
    • Sharpies - Fine point black for art projects.  Regular black sharpies are always in demand.
    • Some kids would definitely like their own set of colored markers.
    • Kleenex, Glue sticks and reams of white or colored printer paper are always welcome!