Inspiring Students to Learn Today and Lead Tomorrow

  • Images of students in classroomsWelcome! When enrolled in the Marana Unified School District, students are provided the highest quality comprehensive curriculum in safe, nurturing, and award-winning learning environments. Marana Unified School District has a long tradition of providing a diverse educational experience for today’s learner. Challenging academics, full extracurricular offerings, and other experiences are offered to enhance the quality of the education and the lives of the students in the District. Nationally certified educators are committed to teaching the concepts and skills students need to be successful in college, career, and life.

    The Marana district provides preschool, free full-day kindergarten, talent development, gifted and special education, advanced placement, dual enrollment, career and technical education, zSpace AR/VR and science labs, student mobile devices, CSTEM, makerspace and outdoor learning areas, online distance learning, exceptional on-site athletics and physical education, extracurricular activities, fine arts, before/after school care, and more that is only offered through the Marana district.

    …where students are inspired

    In Marana schools, the core focus is not simply to ensure that students are taught, but to ensure that they learn. Students are challenged, relationships are built, and teaching is focused on individual student achievement. Comprehensive K-12 curriculum is based on standards that provide a consistent framework to give students the tools they need to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. We are confident when every student graduates and leaves our District they will be prepared with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary for success in an ever-changing world. From academics to athletics, to the arts, educators and staff continue to inspire and empower students to explore, question, create and learn.

    """…where students grow

    Marana school district’s innovative and award winning schools include ten elementary schools; a K-8 school; a CSTEM K-8 school; two middle schools; three high schools, and one alternative school. With a graduation rate higher than the state average, the District provides countless educational opportunities for the students including online distance learning, a parent-partnered home schooling program, summer school, alternative settings, and Career and Technical programs. Students are offered a variety of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses designed to engage at all academic levels. Career academy choices allow high school students to select areas of academic interest that motivate learning and encourage exploration. 

    MUSD Best Practices and Processes

    • 21st Century Learning Environments
    • K – 12 music and physical education
    • Free full-day kindergarten
    • Masters level, full- time counselors K – 12
    • Rich offering of extracurricular activities 7 – 12 (buses available)
    • Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) instructional model


    Inspiring students to learn today and lead tomorrow.


    The Marana Unified School District, in collaboration with parents and community, will challenge all students to achieve academic and personal excellence in a rigorous, relevant and supportive learning environment.


    • Deeper Learning
    • Strong Relationships
    • Collaboration
    • Equity
    • Innovation

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