Marana Pathways

  • Student with computer in libraryThe Marana Unified School District is dedicated to challenging all students to achieve academic and personal excellence in a rigorous, relevant and supportive learning environment.  We are committed to providing multiple opportunities for students to meet their unique and individual learning needs. 

    Students who desire to create additional room in their daily schedule for other classes may take an on-line course for credit advancement. In addition, students who have previously taken and failed a course may take an on-line course for credit retrieval. Students may enroll in one course at a time. 

    The Marana Unified School District will accept all credit earned though this Credit Options Program as appropriate to meet graduation requirements. Grades earned in on-line courses will be computed as part of a student’s overall GPA.  

    Students who are interested in taking a distance learning course for credit advancement or credit retrieval should make an appointment with their counselor to discuss their options. 

    For detailed information regarding practices and policies for specific online programs in the Marana Unified School District please visit the website at