Special Dietary and Nutritional Needs

    For students requiring diet modifications due to special dietary needs, MUSD Food Services can assist.  To properly meet the individual needs of your child, MUSD will need a doctor’s written instructions with specific details, which will be used to build your child’s breakfast and lunch choices. To help guide you and your physician in providing the necessary information to Food Services your child’s physician should complete the Diet Modification Form. To request a form, contact your school’s Cafeteria Supervisor or call 520-682-4712. Please give the form to your physician to be completed. Once the form has been completed by the physician, please submit it to the Marana Unified School District-Food Services office or to the school’s Cafeteria Supervisor. If the special diet request is related to religious or other non-medical preferences, please contact the Site Supervisor at your student’s school to discuss how we can tailor the daily choices for your child. Parents do not need to complete the Diet Modification Form in those situations.

    Fresh pasta sitting in flour with a heart drawn in the flourCARBOHYDRATE COUNTS
    For information related to carbohydrate information, please visit our interactive online menu for up to date nutritional information.  The online menu offers a carbohydrate list for all menu items. The list can be located in the upper right corner of the online menu and can printed.

    For information relating to allergy information, please visit our online menu for current information.  Detailed nutritional information, including allergy information,  can be viewed for each menu item by scrolling over the item name.  Above the nutrition information you will find a list of any allergens found in that food.  

    The Special Diets Filter can be a quick and helpful tool in choosing diet appropriate items. It can be found in the upper right hand corner of the menu; using this tool “crosses-out” menu items that contain the selected allergen. 

    For questions regarding Special Diet Needs please contact the school’s Cafeteria Supervisor or Holly Smith, Food Service Specialist at 520-682-4712.

Smart Snacks in Schools

  • The US Department of Agriculture’s Smart Snacks in School rules require all foods and beverages sold separate from school meals to meet these nutrition standards. Often referred to as “competitive foods,” because they are sold in competition to the complete reimbursable school meal, these items include entrees, sides, snacks or drinks sold during the school day in vending machines, snack bars and a la carte lines. The rules do not apply to food and beverages brought from home or sold during non-school hours, weekends or at off campus events (e.g. concessions during sporting events and school plays).  

    The Smart Snacks in School rules set additional guidelines for entrées sold a la carte. Our full meals meet all Federal and State Nutritional standards for meals that are provided to students at breakfast and lunch. However if we sell the entrees a la carte, they must additionally meet the Smart Snacks in School rules.  What does this mean? It means we do not sell entrees a la carte to our students. For example, we are not able to sell students an extra slice of pizza or other daily entrée.  We encourage very hungry students to utilize the fruit and vegetable bar to its full potential.  They can purchase a complete second meal.  

    All food provided for students during the school day for classroom parties, celebrations, fund-raisers, rewards, and school events must be purchased from a licensed Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) retailer, and must be in the original container.

Menu Information: MyLunchtray

  • Students at the salad barEVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE
    District-wide lunch, breakfast, and snack menus for each school are available in English and Spanish by visiting www.maranausd.org and selecting the MyLunchtray option.  MyLunchtray shows the nutrition information and item descriptions as well as the allergens and provides simple and fast access to Marana Food Services, with everything in one place. 

    • District-wide school menus - Lunch, Breakfast & Snacks
    • Special diet information and filter
    • Photos and item descriptions
    • Nutrition information
    • Print and save menu’s for home use or save to your smartphone  

    Select your school from the dropdown menu.

    • Select available Breakfast, Lunch or Snack Menu.
    • View the current month at a glance, or switch month(s) with just one click.
    • Hover over any meal item to view photos, descriptions and nutrition information.

     Note:  Language can be changed on any screen in the lower right corner of the drop-down menu  

    Individuals with allergies and special dietary needs can click an ingredient in the Allergens and Special Diets filter and foods with that ingredient will be crossed out or highlighted. If any foods have incomplete special diets information, they will be marked with a warning icon.

Meal Pricing

  • Cheeseburger with saladElementary Schools:
    Breakfast: $1.00 (No cost for schools participating in the Breakfast in Classroom Program)
    Lunch: $2.75

    K-8 Schools:
    Breakfast K-8: $1.00
    Lunch K-6: $2.75
    Lunch 7-8: $2.90 

    Middle Schools (7-8):
    Breakfast: $1.00 (No cost for schools participating in the Breakfast in Classroom Program)
    Lunch: $2.90

    High Schools (9-12):
    Breakfast: $1.25
    Lunch: $3.00

    ALL SCHOOLS - Reduced Price Meals:
    Breakfast: $0.00
    Lunch: $0.40

    Breakfast is available at no-charge at these schools:

    Gladden Farms, Estes, Butterfield, Roadrunner, Picture Rocks, DeGrazia, Quail Run, Marana Middle, Tortolita Middle, ACE, and MCAT

Free/Reduced Meals

  • Naco bites with cucumber and salsaYour Child May Be Eligible for Free or Reduced Price School Meals! 

    Apply Online Today!  The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and AVAILABLE any time on any computer with web access.  You also can go to the Marana School District web site to find the link for the meal application.  Paper applications will also be available from the school or Food Service offices. 

    Your household may be eligible for meal benefits:

    • If you now receive benefits from SNAP, or Food Distribution on Indian Reservations or TANF you can get free meal regardless of income.
    • If your total household income is at a certain level your child may qualify for reduced or free meals.
    • If you have a foster child under the legal responsibility of a foster care agency or court are eligible for free meals.

    The application process is annual and every household must complete a new application every year within the first 30 operating days of school.

Meal Loan Policy

  • Lasagne with garlic toast and side saladThe following information provides a recap of MUSD’s protocol for managing student meal accounts with a low or negative balance. 

    Grades Pre-K through 8:

    • Parents/guardians will be notified by email through the District’s in-house email notification system, when their students’ meal account has a low balance ($10) and/or a negative balance.
    • The School Cafeteria Staff or Designee will also personally call the parent(s) or guardian(s) and/or send letters when the student’s meal account is negative or becomes delinquent.
    • Accounts that are delinquent by $20.00 or more and/or the parent(s) or guardian(s) have not responded to the district’s phone calls and/or letters will be contacted directly by School Principal or Designee via phone call.
    • If an account is negative at the end of the school year the negative amount will be rolled over to the next school year.

    Grades 9 through 12: 
    No Meal Loans available.  If prior year negative balances remain, then cash must be utilized to purchase a meal.

    Make Payments and/or Apply for Free and Reduced Price Meals: 

    Meals Benefit Team
    520-682-4734 - email