Committee Role and Membership:

  • Broccolli in a bagThe District will convene a representative District Wellness Committee that meets to establish goals for and oversee school health and safety policies and programs, including development, implementation and periodic review and update of this District-level Wellness Guidelines.  

    1. The District Wellness Committee will recruit representation from all school levels to include but not limited to physical education teachers, school health professionals, student services staff, parents/caregivers, administrators, and the local community.
    2. The public is notified of their ability to participate in the District wellness committee using  the following methods:
      1. Email
      2. Notices on District website
      3. District social media accounts
      4. School email newsletter
    3. District Wellness Committee meets at least quarterly.
    4. Each school within the District has an on-going School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) to review school level, health related issues in coordination with the DWC.


    The District has designated one or more school official(s) who have the authority and responsibility to ensure each school complies with the local wellness guidelines.

    1. The designated official for oversight of implementation at each school is the site administrator.
    2. The Superintendent or designee will convene the District Wellness Committee to facilitate the development of and updates to the wellness guidelines, and will ensure each school’s compliance with the guidelines.
    3. Each school has a designated School Wellness Coordinator who will be part of the School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) and will promote compliance with the District guidelines at the school level. Each coordinator is required to attend two District Wellness Council meetings.