MUSD Commitment to Gifted Education

  • Child looking up at their parentMarana’s commitment to gifted education is evident in the District’s compliance with HB2552, which states, “Programs and services to gifted individuals shall be provided as an integrated differentiated learning experience during the regular school day.” The District identifies and places students for Gifted Education in grades K-12. These services include:

    • Acceleration and enrichment for K-12 students provided by a gifted-trained classroom teacher.
    • K-1st students receive elementary GEM services. Electives and/or a full-day of pull out programming provided for 2nd-8th grade students at some sites.
    • A gifted cluster classroom for grade levels K-6th at nine elementary schools and one K-8 school.
    • Bright Start Talent Development classes in grades K-2 in addition to self-contained gifted classes or gifted & talented classes in grades 3-6 at Coyote Trail Elementary and Twin Peaks K-8.
    • Advanced placement and dual-enrollment courses, counseling, advanced content or electives, opportunities for leadership, clubs and various honors organizations for students in 7th-12th grade.

    Gifted Assessment test dates for grades K-12 are conducted three times throughout the year. Universal screening for all 2nd grade students occurs in the spring. Specific testing dates are announced in school newsletters and can be found on the District Website at

    Parents are always encouraged to discuss eligibility with their child’s teacher(s) and to complete the gifted identification checklist prior to requesting testing. Gifted learners possess some or all of the following general characteristics:

    • General intellectual ability or talent
    • Specific academic aptitude or talent
    • Creative and productive thinking
    • Leadership and task commitment ability
    • Visual and performing arts ability
    • Psychomotor ability

    Additional information can be obtained from the Gifted Education in Marana Scope and Sequence located at each school, or by contacting Gifted & Talented Education at (520) 352-2421 ext. 2746.