Websites, Mobile App, Social Media

  • Find the District Website at and like our Facebook Page @maranaschools for regular updates and communications. You can also visit your child’s school website and follow their Facebook page. Remember to download the Marana Unified School District mobile app and stay connected with what's going on in our District and schools today!

    The District can also be found on other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and more by searching for @maranaschools or #maranaschools.

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Mass Notification System

  • In our ongoing effort to reduce costs, District schools utilize a mass notification system (Blackboard/Smore) to communicate regularly with parents. These communications include both emergency and non-emergency situations. The mass notification system is used to communicate with parents in the following methods:

    • email,
    • telephone, and/or
    • SMS text messaging. 

    Please maintain current contact information at your child’s school.


  • ParentVUE logoParent/StudentVUE is a secure web-based tool that provides MUSD parents and students the ability to view student information such as class assignments, grades, report cards/progress reports, course history, attendance, and health information from a computer or your phone.  This efficient tool also provides parents the opportunity to update their child's annual back-to-school paperwork, reducing paper costs and saving time!

    Benefits of Parent/StudentVUE:

    ParentVUE/StudentVUE is aligned with the District’s commitment to enhancing communication and information sharing between schools, teachers, students and parents.

    By visiting the District website and clicking on the MUSD Connection link, parents and students have the opportunity to view the following types of information:

    • current student class assignments (such as homework or take-home tests/quizzes)
    • current student grades (including the teacher’s grade book)
    • K-12 grade report card/7-12 grade progress report (view and print this information)
    • student course history for high school students (District graduation requirements and completed high school courses)
    • student course  enrollment ( for middle and high school courses)
    • health information (such as immunization records and nurse’s visits)
    • Attendance Information

    Visit Parent/StudentVUE to learn more, login, and instructions to download the app.