Back-to-School Paperwork Online

  • ParentVUE logoRe-verify your returning student through ParentVUE!

    Prior to the start of each school year, MUSD families need to complete student reverification (student registration) to update your returning student's annual paperwork online through ParentVUE.

    • Student verification opens July 18 for the 2022-23 school year.
    • Student re-verification must be completed online through ParentVUE and can only be completed on a desktop/laptop/Chromebook. Verification is NOT available from your phone or the app.

    If you have NOT reverified your student, the login screen will contain "Student Verification," and you will click the Begin Registration button to begin the verification process for students. Verify through ParentVUE today!

    ParentVUE login screen containing text "Student Verification." Click the Begin Registration button to begin the verification process.

    All returning middle and high school students will still attend their school’s “Back-to-School” Days in July to get their class schedule, mobile device, parking passes, IDs and more. 

    Already enrolled and not yet connected to Parent/StudentVUE?
    Follow these instructions to sign up for Parent/StudentVUE. Once you create an account in ParentVUE, you can complete your student's verification.