• Our students and staff at Estes Elementary take pride in the United States of America and in the great State of Arizona. That is why we fulfill our civic duty of retiring U.S. and Arizona flags in a respectful and dignified manner when they are no longer a fitting emblem of display.

    When we determine that our flags at Estes Elementary need to be replaced, we turn to our valued partner, our local Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts are properly trained to ensure that the old flags that have served us so well are properly retired. They also assist us in putting our new flags into service with a proper ceremony.

    We are grateful for the partnership we have with our local Boy Scouts, and proud that our students are able to learn this aspect of their civic duty!

    To properly dispose of your worn or tattered flag, please contact the local branch of the following organizations:

    Boy Scouts
    Locate a Council near you 

    Girl Scouts
    Locate a Council near you

    The American Legion
    Locate a Post near you 

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