Engage Parent and Student Contract

  • Marana Unified School District students have access to Chromebooks. Some students will have an assigned Chromebook, which they take back and forth from home to school. Some students will receive a Chromebook for use only within the classroom. Please check with your child’s school for specifics. The Chromebook is a tool for accessing educational content, promoting creativity, supporting collaboration, and allowing students to engage in the discovery of learning in a more flexible and mobile way. 

    While digital tools hold great promise, they also have the potential for misuse. The Marana Unified School District recognizes that for our students to be successful with these tools, a team effort is required. 

    This Parent and Student Contract will outline some of those cautions, provide direction for the use of the resources, and define responsibilities. For more information about care, expectations, and safety, refer to the engage Handbook provided by the school or available on the Marana Unified District webpage. 

    Terms of the Device Loan

    • The Chromebook and charger are the property of the Marana Unified School District. Each item is available to students for educational purposes. If a student is checked out a Chromebook and fails to return it and all assigned accessories as directed, the District may file a report with local law enforcement, in addition to seeking reimbursement from the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s). 

    Care of the Device

    • Students agree to be responsible for the general care of the Chromebook issued by the school. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for their child’s use of the Chromebook, including any damage or loss of the device. If a student’s issued Chromebook is damaged, lost, or stolen, it must be reported to school staff immediately. A User Insurance Plan is provided to support parent(s)/guardian(s) with accidental device damage. Refer to the engage Handbook for insurance eligibility, coverages, and costs. 

    Student Expectations

    • Students agree to abide by the generally accepted rules of digital citizenship, and conduct themselves in a responsible, ethical, and polite manner while using any Marana Unified School District technology. 


    • The Marana Unified School District will make every effort to support student online safety directly associated with student use of Chromebooks. Safety features are available on the student’s device 24 hours per day, seven days a week, no matter the location of the child’s Chromebook. An Internet filter and safety management service are enabled regardless of where students access the Internet. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are ultimately responsible for monitoring their child’s internet access on the device beyond the MUSD network. 

    By choosing yes, I hereby give my permission for my child to utilize the MUSD student assigned Chromebook and acknowledge that my student and I: 

    • Have read and understood the terms outlined in the engage Handbook and agree it is my child’s responsibility to care for the device, conduct themselves appropriately as digital citizens and support a safe environment when using the Chromebook for educational purposes. 
    • Agree to abide by the restrictions outlined in the Marana Unified School District Use of Technology Resources in Instruction Agreement and understand that the Marana Unified School District has no control over the information available over the Internet and cannot be held responsible for content or accuracy. The District makes no representations or warranties concerning the availability or security of the Chromebook network. By using the District Chromebook, you agree to hold harmless Marana Unified School District for any losses or damages that may result from your child’s use of the network. 

    Updated June 14, 2019