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    Book with Map Marana Distance Learning (MDL) is the leader in Arizona in online learning! Distance learning brings families and students the highest level of full-time, comprehensive online instruction. Traditionally, the program is available for students in grades 4-12, however, in the 2021-22 school year we are expanding the program to include students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade! MDL is accessible anywhere students have an internet connection.

    Kindergarten- 3rd Grade (K-3) Distance Learning

    This program is designed for students who prefer a flexible learning option. Students in lower elementary school grades need structure and interaction with teachers in order for this learning model to be effective. Our goal is to provide a quality educational experience for our younger students with regular support and touch points with an MUSD teacher.

    K-3 MDL Curriculum and Schedule

    Students will be enrolled in all four core content courses (English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies), with an emphasis on English Language Arts (ELA) and Math. Teacher(s) will schedule Zoom sessions to support and extend learning concepts in ELA and Math Monday through Thursday, and intervention or small group time on Friday. Students will follow the MUSD calendar and a regular school day schedule: generally 8am-2pm Monday through Thursday, and 8am-1pm on Friday. 

    K-3 MDL: Adult Support & Supervision is Needed

    Content will be provided through an online platform and supplemented with printed materials

    Families should expect to provide a trusted adult to serve as a learning coach to help students navigate content. Families will be expected to complete a weekly attestation documenting the time their child spends learning.

    Families should expect to commit to this option for the duration of a school quarter.  Transition to an in-person learning model is most easily facilitated at the quarter start/stop dates. Enrollment for this learning option will be through MDL; students will not be permitted to dual-enroll with other schools.

    • 1st Quarter: 8/2/21 to 10/8/21
    • 2nd Quarter: 10/18/21 to 12/16/21
    • 3rd Quarter: 1/3/22 to 3/11/22
    • 4th Quarter: 3/21/22 to 5/19/22 

    MDL customizes education through a learning plan to meet each student’s needs.  With more than 80 self-paced courses, students gain the valuable skills necessary for success in an ever-changing world. Combining a rigorous curriculum, certified instructors, and cutting-edge technology, MDL provides a personalized educational experience designed around the student. Course content is generated via Mesa Distance Learning.

    Technology Plugs Grades 4-12 Distance Learning Student Considerations

    Students considering Distance Learning should reflect on their academic skills and learning style. Distance Learning courses suit students who prefer to work independently and are able to prioritize and complete tasks on their own. Students who need support services to access grade level content may require additional consideration before enrolling in MDL. 

    Contact our team to find out if online learning is right for your family! Enroll in MDL today:

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