MDL On-site learning lab

  • Some students who wish to enroll in online courses through Marana Distance Learning still need the structure and routine of an academic setting to complete their coursework. 

    Students interested in this option must be at least 16 years old.  In this program students will complete their coursework with Marana Distance Learning, and apply for a space in the on site computer lab (below).  

    The MDL Learning Lab program is located at MCAT High School and accommodates up to 14 students at a time.  Students can work on their MDL course in a designated computer lab space every day from 10:15- 2:45 (M-Th) and 9:45-1:30 (F).  Limited space is available in the full day program if students require transportation, otherwise students should plan to provide their own transportation. 

    Students who enroll in the MDL ILC program are expected to have good attendance, follow the expectations on the MCAT campus, make sufficient academic progress, and wear the MCAT uniform.  

    Space is limited, so applicants will be considered by age (oldest to youngest) and by date of application. Students between the ages of 16-21 will be considered for this program. 

    To enroll in the Learning Lab - Email us for an Application

    Need a place to work on your online course during the summer?  Please consider the Classroom Lab Support Option through Summer Success.