Program Inspire

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    Program Inspire is part of the continuum of special education services offered by the Marana Unified School District that provides an innovative, educationally rewarding, and safe environment for students with severe emotional and behavioral needs (ED). This is a temporary placement by the IEP team using the following strategies:  

    • Low staff to student ratios
    • Specialized curriculum and resources designed to meet each student’s unique academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs
    • A therapeutic and trauma informed classroom

    Program Inspire may be a suitable placement option for students with emotional disabilities who struggle with integration into a typical school-based special education program, or for students whose behavioral needs can be more appropriately addressed in a smaller and more controlled environment. This placement is temporary with defined exit criteria using a therapeutic transition back into the school setting with special education support.

Contact Info

  • Sarah Kacer - Email  
    Elementary & Secondary
    Program Inspire Principal
    7651 N Oldfather
    Tucson, AZ 85741
    (520) 682-2348

    Kristen Federico - Email   
    Special Education Teacher
    Secondary Program Inspire
    (520) 352-7015