Crisis Response Team

  • What is the Crisis Response Team?
    Unfortunately, crises will occur in schools, and it is important that school personnel be prepared to respond immediately with sensitivity and competence. The District Crisis Team was established to respond immediately to tragedies that have a significant impact on schools (such as student or staff deaths, accidents, disasters, etc.). Marana Unified School District has a crisis team comprised of K-12 school counselors who have had specialized training to assist building administrators in directing crisis response activities.

    The crisis team is a supportive service which can help schools assess, plan, and intervene in a crisis affecting staff and students. A preplanned, organized approach has been shown to be effective in reducing the emotional and social impact of a crisis. The goal of the crisis team is to support the emotional stabilization of the students, staff, and families AND to restore the learning environment as soon as possible.
    What does the Crisis Response Team Do?
    • Meet with building administrators and key staff to formulate an action plan.
    • Facilitate staff meeting to provide information related to the crisis.
    • Support school staff.
    • Help the teachers to process information with students. 
    • Work with students individually or in groups. 
    • Be available for contact with parents.
    • Provide helpful and factual information to parents.

    For questions about the MUSD crisis response team, contact the Student Services Department.