MUSD Comprehensive Counseling Plan

  • Our Belief
    We believe that the school counseling programs should be an integral part of the total educational system and available to all students.  School counselors are leaders in the school and serve as change agents, collaborators, and advocates.
    Counseling Program
    The Marana Comprehensive Professional School Counseling Program follows the American School Counselor Association National Model. Providing a framework for the district K-12 counseling program. A comprehensive school counseling program is an integral component of the school’s academic mission.

    MUSD’s Comprehensive school counseling program, driven by student data and based on national standards in academic, career and social/emotional development, promote and enhance the learning process for all students. Following the ASCA National Model school counselors ensure equitable access to a rigorous education for all students; identify the knowledge and skills all students will acquire as a result of the K-12 comprehensive school counseling program;  deliver the program to all students in a systematic fashion; and are state-credentialed.
    School counselors focus their skills, time and energy on direct and indirect services to students. To achieve maximum program effectiveness, the American School Counselor Association recommends school counselors spend the majority of their time in direct and indirect services to students; the remaining time is set aside for program management and school support services, such as school counseling program foundation, management, and accountability tasks. School counselors participate as members of the educational team and use the skills of leadership, advocacy and collaboration to promote systemic change as appropriate. The framework of a comprehensive school counseling program consists of four components: foundation, management, delivery and accountability.