Parents As Teachers

  • Parents As Teachers Model Affiliate Designation The Marana Unified School District offers Parents As Teachers.  This is an early learning enrichment program for parents & children, prenatal to 5 years. 

    • Empower parents to give their children the best possible start in life.
    • Increase parents' knowledge of child development.
    • Provide for early detection of developmental problems.
    • Enhance parent-child interaction and strengthen family relationships.
    • Children learn more in the first few years, and at a much faster pace, than any other time in life.
    • By age three a child's brain is 80% of its adult size.
    • Parents As Teachers vision is that all parents will be their child's best first teachers.
    What can you expect from a PAT Parent Educator?
    • Personalized monthly visits to share age-appropriate child-development information; encourage intellectual development, curiosity and language development; address parenting concerns.
    • Group gatherings with your children and other parents to provide information on age-appropriate topics and participate in parent-child activities.
    • Periodic screening of child's vision, hearing and development to provide early detection and treatment of potential problems or difficulties.
    • Identify resources available in the community for supporting and enriching families.
    Contact the MUSD Parent Educators-Parents as Teachers at (520) 579-4920
    • Christina Noriega - Email
    • Gabrielle Nunn - Email


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