Science & Engineering Fair

  • Student in rocket shooting for the starsQuail Run hosts a Science and Engineering Fair. All students who attend Quail Run are invited to enter the Fair.

    Kindergarten-4th Grade students have the option of participating in the Science Fair. 5th Grade Students participate in the Engineering Fair as part of their Science curriculum. 6th Grade Students participate in the Science Fair as part of their Science curriculum. 5th and 6th grade students will receive support from their classroom teacher during the next few months. Kindergarten-4th grade students will complete their project, if they choose to participate, independently at home with parent support.

    In order to make the Science and Engineering Fair more accessible to all who are interested in participating, links to PDF copies of the Science Fair packet and the Engineering Fair Packet will be sent out in weekly parent letters (emails) when approaching the appropriate times for each fair.  Keep an eye out for them, or ask the front desk for more information.