Marana Vocational Program (MVP)

MVP Students in classroom

A Post-High School Transitional Program

The Marana Vocational Program (MVP), a post-high school transitional program for students with learning or intellectual disabilities, pairs motivated students who have completed their senior year with meaningful work internships, community involvement experiences and classroom-based learning. 

A Bridge between School and Employment
MVP provides a continuum of services for students with disabilities who would benefit from an extra year of practicing life-transition skills to help them prepare for independent living and/or future employment. Many students need additional guidance, awareness of community resources and the opportunity to grow safely in a workplace or community setting. MVP provides all of this – and more – in safe settings with teachers, staff, and professionals who are passionate about helping students thrive post-graduation. 

MVP focuses on:

  • Employment-based training, including vetted internships within the District and in the community.
  • Having students investigate and learn about community resources available to them.
  • Building life skills critical to independent living.

Classroom-based Learning
Students are taught in four classrooms in a dedicated wing at Tortolita Middle School. The program has its own entrance, private luncheon patio, and separate restroom facilities.

Students start the day receiving targeted instruction in life skills, resume building, interview skills, and career exploration.  Staff guide students through job preparation activities as well as review and evaluate their work performances. Transition specialists work closely to ensure that all instruction and work experiences align with each student’s IEP, transition plan, and individualized transition goals.   

Community Involvement
Students participate in community outings, such as recreational activities and exploring community resources.  All students will go through the Vocational Rehabilitation application process to ensure they receive services through adulthood. 

Student Work Internships
Students participate in real-world employment experiences within the Marana Unified School District and at local businesses and organizations.  

MVP Transportation
As a part of the program, external funding was secured to purchase two SUVs, which will be made handicap accessible, to transport MVP students to internships and activities throughout the community.

Launching in the 2023-24 School Year
The program has slots for 8-12 students enrolled in the Marana Unified School District and will begin in August 2023.

Contact Us
Families who are interested in learning more can contact Exceptional Student Services.