Marana Education Association

  • The Marana Education Association is a local affiliate of the Arizona Education Association and the National Education Association.

    Core values are as follows: 

    • Quality Public Education for All
      We believe that every child is entitled to a free, quality, public education. Rich or poor, black or white, gifted or disabled-all our children deserve the chance to grow, to learn, and to reach their potential.
    • Fairness, Equity, and Respect for All:
      We believe that every person is entitled to be treated fairly and with respect. Students and school employees should be honored for their differences in culture, history, language, religion, physical condition, ethnicity, and learning styles. These differences enrich our society. 
    • Teaching as an Esteemed Profession:
      Because of the power of teaching and its value to the future, to our society and to our children, we work to enhance the esteem with which teaching is held by society. 
    • Education Support Professionals as Valued Partners:
      We believe every Education Support Professional is an integral partner in all areas of the learning process and is valued within public education. 
    • Learning as a Community Commitment:
      Schools are part of communities. They reflect communities and can change them for the better. Communities and schools must join hands to ensure that each continue to learn, grow, and progress.
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MEA Meetings

    • Executive Board Meeting: Third Tuesday of the Month (4:30-6:00 p.m.) Professional Development Center (CTE)

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MEA Committee Chairs

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