Governing Board

  • The Governing Board is elected to represent the community in exercising local control of public education.


    For questions or concerns, please contact the Governing Board office:

    General Inquiries: Email
    Phone: (520) 682-4774


  •  Maribel Lopez


    Dr. Maribel Lopez
    President   -  Email


  • Hunter Holt

    Mr. Hunter Holt
    Vice President  -  Email


  •  Tom Carlson

    Mr. Tom Carlson
    Member -  Email   


  • Dan Post

    Mr. Dan Post,
    Member  -  Email


  •  John Lewandowski

    Mr. John Lewandowski, 
    Member  -  Email


  • Elections

    The five Governing Board members are elected for staggered, four-year terms during the November General Election. 

    Board members serve without pay and are elected from the community at large. State law does not limit the number of terms a member may serve.