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    Book with Map Marana Distance Learning (MDL) is the leader in Arizona in online learning! Distance learning brings families and students the highest level of full-time, comprehensive online instruction. 

    Grades 4-12 Distance Learning Student Considerations

    Open to MUSD students in grades 4-12, Marana Distance Learning is an option for highly motivated, organized students who wish to receive their education online. Distance Learning courses suit students who prefer to work independently and are able to prioritize and complete tasks on their own. Therefore, we encourage families who are exploring this option to carefully consider their student’s academic skills and learning style. Students who need support services to access grade level content may require additional consideration before enrolling in MDL.

    About Course Curriculum
    MDL provides a personalized educational experience designed around the student’s needs. With more than 80 self-paced courses, students gain the valuable skills necessary for success in an ever-changing world. Course content is generated via Mesa Distance Learning.

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