ENGAGE! Chromebooks & Collaborative Furniture

  • Students on new collaborative furniture with Chromebooks

    When enrolled in a Marana school, students are provided the highest quality education in safe, nurturing, and award-winning learning environments that facilitate and enhance student achievement and success in college, career, and life.

    Aligned with the District’s Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) instructional model is the critical need to provide learning environments which engage students in collaborative and productive work in order to produce evidence of their learning. Extensive research and best practice shows that providing mobile devices and classroom furniture to support student’s ability to easily and comfortably interact with their teacher, fellow students, and content provides an optimal educational experience.  

    To that end, the Marana district implemented ENGAGE! “Connect & Collaborate to Create!”, to incorporate student and teacher assigned mobile devices and new collaborative furniture in all classrooms

    Made possible through the 2014 voter supported School Improvement Bond, engage provides Marana students access to mobile devices and configurable furniture in all classrooms to support their ability to easily and comfortably connect with their teacher, fellow students, and content; thereby providing an unparalleled learning experience.  Once connected, students then collaborate to share ideas and engage in productive group work to produce evidence of their learning. Whether doing research, collaborating with other students or teachers about important ideas or concepts, or looking up curricular content, mobile devices and collaborative furniture deepen the learning experience through higher levels of engagement and rigor.   

    Engage provides teachers and students with the learning environments and tools needed to successfully implement GRR and prepare MUSD students for a 21st century world. 

    Mobile Devices. Students. Safety.

    K-2 GRADES: Students have access to mobile devices in the classroom.

    3 -12 GRADES: Students are assigned mobile devices which can be taken home. Home internet service is not required or provided by the District. Additional information, video, and handbook available by selecting the page links on the left. 

    All students participate in Digital Citizenship curriculum and are expected to abide by all safe and online rules. The District partners with online companies to provide safe management services and monitoring of student mobile devices 24/7. Additional information regarding chromebooks and safety available by selecting the page links on the left.