Access Your Student’s Academic and School Information

  • Parent/StudentVUE is a secure web-based tool, which provides MUSD families the ability to register new students and view student information such as class assignments, homework, and tests/quizzes, schedule & attendance, report cards and health records. ParentVue is also where families update students’ annual back-to-school paperwork online.  

  • Login to ParentVUE
  • Login to StudentVUE
  • Families Never Enrolled in MUSD:

    • Families of students who wish to enroll in Marana Schools must create a new account to begin the registration process. Select "Kindergarten Registration" or "Families who Have Never Enrolled."
    • Upon completing registration, you will be able to login to Parent/StudentVUE.
    • Please contact your student's school of enrollment if you need assistance.   

    Families with Current or Previously Enrolled Students in MUSD:

    • Login to ParentVUE/StudentVUE with your existing ParentVUE/StudentVUE login information.
    • If you need your activation key, contact your student’s school.

    How to Access and Use ParentVUE:

    Download the ParentVUE document to:

    • Learn how to activate your ParentVUE account. If you registered your student through the online registration process, you already have a ParentVUE account. This is for additional family members to have access. 
    • Reset password when you can’t access your account
    • View Student Gradebook
    • View Report Cards

    Access Past Report Cards:

     View past report cards under the "Documents" section in ParentVUE. 

    Download the App:

    These applications are not developed or supported by MUSD.