District School Year Calendar

2018-2019 Calendar

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    Review Start/Dismissal Times for Regular Day, End of Quarters, and Conference Days



    July 4: Independence Day

    July 25-31: New Teacher Orientation


    Aug 1: Professional Development Day

    Aug 2-3: Teachers Only

    Aug 6: First Day of School

    Aug 31: Staff Professional Learning (No School)


    Sept 3: Labor Day (No School)

    Sept 13-14: Elementary School Conferences (Shortened Day Elementary Students)

    Sept 20-21: Middle School Conferences (Shortened Day Middle School Students)


    Oct 4-5: End of 1st Quarter (Half Day All Students)

    Oct 8-12: Fall Break (No School)


    Nov 12: Veteran's Day (No School)

    Nov 22-23: Thanksgiving (No School)


    Dec 20: End of 1st Semester (Half Day All Students)

    Dec 21: Teachers Only (No School)

    Dec 24-31: Winter Break (No School)


    Jan 1-4: Winter Break (No School)

    Jan 7: All Schools Resume

    Jan 18: Staff Professional Learning (No School)

    Jan 21: MLK Day


    Feb 7-8: Elementary Conferences (Shortened Day Elementary Students)

    Feb 14-15: Middle School Conferences (Shortened Day Middle School Students)

    Feb 21-22: Rodeo Days (No School)


    March 14-15: End of 3rd Quarter (Half Day All Students)

    March 18-22: Spring Break (No School)



    May 22: Last Day of School (Half Day All Students)

    May 23: Teachers Only

    May 27: Memorial Day

  • MUSD is excited to announce a change to the 2018-2019 school calendar to improve delivery of Professional Development/Staff Professional Learning while minimizing impact on instruction. Professional Development Day will now include a Pre-Service Day, prior to the start of the school year. Staff Professional Learning for certified and support staff will also occur on Friday, August 31, 2018 and January 18, 2019, decreasing time away from schools, classroom, and instruction during regularly scheduled school days.


    The 2018-2019 District school calendar reflects the same number of instructional minutes as previous years. The calendar reflects the end of the school year one day earlier than previous years. That means the Wednesday before Memorial Day will be the last student day and Thursday the last teacher work day. 


    1st Quarter 8/6/18 to 10/5/18 = 43 days

    2nd Quarter 10/15/18 to 12/20/18 = 46 days

    3rd Quarter 1/7/19 to 3/15/19 = 46 days

    4th Quarter 3/25/18 to 5/22/19 = 43 days

    Total = 178 days


    Governing Board Adopted June 14, 2018