From the Attendance Clerk - Chrissy Roepke

  • My name is Chrissy Roepke and I am the first person that you see when you enter the office at Ironwood. I am responsible for enrolling students and for keeping a record of student attendance for the entire school.

    Please keep in mind that children are expected to be in their seats in the classroom by 7:45 am. If your child is arriving at the curb at 7:45, he/she will not make it to the classroom on time and will thus be marked as “Unexcused Tardy”. Many teachers begin “Bell Work” promptly at 7:45 so frequent tardiness will impact the student’s learning time and accomplishments.

    If your child will be absent from school, please call the attendance line at 579-5188; notifying the classroom teacher does not excuse your child's absence. You must call each and everyday your child will be absent, or you may leave one message with the duration of the absence i.e. "out of town back on (specific date)".

    If you would like to request homework for an absent child, please call the main office number, 579-5150, before 11:00. Make-up work will be prepared by the teacher for any child who has missed three or more days of school and will be available at the front desk after 2:30 on the date that the request was made.

    Thank You!
    Chrissy Roepke - Email