Meet the Principal - Nancy Paddock

  • Nancy Paddock I am honored to serve in the role of Principal of Gladden Farms Elementary.  I am inspired daily through my work with an outstanding teaching staff, and through the transparency of the hearts of our students. 

    Purposefully creating a safe and welcoming environment for students, staff, and parents is a priority that the staff and I have focused on since opening our new school in August 2016.    Along with a strong teaching staff providing inspiring instruction, we embrace the opportunity to support student learning that will prepare them for their future.

    Our success is measured by the success of our students; their confidence and motivation to learn and grow, rise to challenges, and take care of each other by showing empathy.  It is my hope that our students feel a deep sense of pride and ownership in their school, and I foster that by providing opportunities for students to share their input with me, and by providing them with high expectations for their level of accountability.  The staff team and I enjoy celebrating the success of students in their academic and character development.

    I have appreciated being an educator in MUSD for over 20 years, and my husband and daughters have attended Marana schools.  Leading an incredible team of staff members, establishing our priorities, and observing the engagement of our learners, has made being the principal of Gladden Farms Elementary one of the most exciting ventures of my career.  I look forward to sharing this excitement each year with our students, staff, and families.

    Mrs. Nancy Paddock


    Phone: 682-1180 - Email