From the Attendance Clerk - Maria Macias

  • Maria Macias My name is Maria Macias and I am the attendance clerk at Gladden Farms Elementary School.  If you have any questions about registration, attendance or absences please feel free to contact me.

    The administration office is open from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm.

    Reporting Student Absence

    To report a student’s absence please call at 520-682-1180 extension 820, and include the following information:

    • student’s first and last name
    • teacher name
    • reason for absence
    • planned date of return
    • contact number.



    It is very important for students to report to school on time. Children coming late to school must report to the office to receive a tardy pass before going to the classrooms. If a student is not in their classroom and in their seat, they are considered late.

    Early checkout

    In order to have a child released from school, a parent must come to the office in person. Students will be released only to their parents or an officially designated representative.  All persons signing out a student must be 18 years of age or older.  Please be prepared to show picture I.D.  Please keep in mind that students are not always in the classroom and it can sometimes take a few minutes to locate them and get them to the office.  

    Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful school year together!


    Maria Macias - Email

    Attendance Clerk

    520-682-1180 ext. 8205