Attendance Clerk - Tina Sommerville

  • Hello!  As the attendance clerk at Quail Run Elementary, I am responsible for documenting absences, tardies, early checkouts, and anything related to your child’s attendance as well as taking care of registrations and making sure your students are enrolled into the school.  Please feel free to call me any time with inquiries about enrollment or attendance.

    It is very important for students to attend daily and report to school on time. Campus gates open at 7:30 am. There is no adult supervision prior to 7:30.  Children are expected to be in their seats in the classroom by 7:45 am when the final bell rings.  If your child arrives at the curb at 7:45 am, he/she will likely not make it to the classroom on time and will be marked tardy.

    We look forward to a wonderful school year together! 

    Tina Sommerville - Email
    Attendance Clerk/Registrar
    520-579-4700 ext. 7455