From the Attendance Clerk - Julia Bugbee

  • Julia BugbeeHello! My name is Julia Bugbee and I am the attendance clerk at Roadrunner Elementary. I grew up in Wyoming and I am happy to now call Arizona my home. I work closely with our school secretary, Amy Moore in the front office. It is our pleasure to welcome everyone who enters our doors.

    My responsibilities include: making sure your children are enrolled into the school, documenting tardies, early checkouts, absences, and anything else related to your child’s attendance and registration. Please be prepared to show picture ID when you are picking up your child from the front office. 

    Attendance guidelines and tips:

    • Campus gates at 7:30am, allowing scholars to eat breakfast and make it to class on time. The warning bell rings at 7:40am, and our final morning bell is at 7:45am. Your child needs to be in the classroom at 7:45am. If they are being dropped off at 7:45am, they do not have time to make it to class before the last bell, and it will be an unexcused tardy.  If you are dropping your child off at 7:45am or later, they need to be accompanied to the front office to be signed in and given a late pass.
    • If your child is missing school, we ask that you inform the office no later than 9:00am by calling the 24-hour attendance line at (520) 616-6363 and leave a message including the following information:
      • Student’s first and last name
      • Teacher’s name
      • Reason for absence
      • Contact number
    • Attendance matters! Please make sure your child is at school unless they are sick or have a doctor’s appointment and schedule vacations during school breaks. If you child is out ill or they go to the doctor please bring in your doctor's note when you return to school. We are only in school for 178 days during a school year. 1-2 days does not seem like much but the lost instructional time quickly adds up.
      • 1 absence every two weeks equals 20 days (one month) per year and 1.5 years by the time they graduate
      • 10 minutes late everyday equals 50 minutes per week, 1.5 weeks per year, and ½ year by the time they graduate
    • To minimize distractions in your child's classroom please contact the office for any dismissal changes by 1:00pm as these changes are delivered to scholars at 1:30pm. Refrain from contacting the teacher via ClassDoJo, email, or messenger to have these messages delivered. Instructional time will not be interrupted for routine messages. All messages will be given at the end of the day.
    • Inform the office of all address, and phone number changes immediately for the safety of your child. 

    If you have any questions about registration, attendance, absence, or tardy policies, please do not hesitate to contact me:

    Julia Bugbee - Email
    PHONE: (520) 616-6363 x 7872
    FAX: (520) 616-6383