Meet the Assistant Principal - Olivia Noriega

  • Olivia Noriega Welcome to Twin Peaks Elementary School! You will find Twin Peaks to be an exciting place for your children to learn and grow. Each child will be given the tools to pursue excellence. Our teachers and staff believe that going above and beyond the standards helps build well-rounded students who are prepared for lifelong success.

    We expect our students to work hard and have high expectations for themselves. Learners are encouraged to set high academic and personal goals to be the best they can be. We look forward to providing an outstanding learning environment for all children.

    It is our privilege to work with the many families and community members who trust Twin Peaks to educate and care for their children. One of the things that makes Twin Peaks special is parent involvement. We all have the responsibility to empower children to become academically, socially, physically, and emotionally responsible and successful. With that in mind, we invite you to be an active member at Twin Peaks. Whether you are a classroom volunteer, a member of the PTF, or one of our Watch DOGS; we encourage you to become involved in your child’s education.

    Serving as a professional educator for the past sixteen years, I have worked six years as an elementary classroom teacher and six years as a school guidance counselor in elementary and secondary settings. Over the past four years, I have served as an associate principal at Twin Peaks and Gladden Farms Elementary Schools. I enjoy building relationships with families and communities. I have developed and enhanced parent and family engagement by successfully organizing Watch DOGS, Grandparents Day, Health & Wellness Night, and other school-wide celebrations.  Coordinating these events and programs involved making connections with numerous community partners, parents, and local businesses. 

    Our staff at Twin Peaks is committed to making the elementary school experience a positive and productive one for your child. We will keep you informed of all that’s taking place at school through our Tuesday Newsday, Facebook, and school website. As associate principal, I have an open door policy and welcome your questions or concerns at any time.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, or give me a call. We are here to serve you.  I look forward to making a lasting relationship with you and your family.


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    Associate Principal